Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya - Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China
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A Palace on the Coast of Southern China Sea


Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya

On December 30th 2005, Huayu Resort & Spa opened its doors for the first time and has since been welcoming guests from around the world with true Huayu passion. The property is well recognized for its classical Chinese architecture standing proudly alongside the tropical seaside.

Whether you need a short refreshing vacation, a couples getaway, family holiday, or corporate annual meeting, we can promise that all your desires will be fulfilled. Whatever experiences you seek, the Huayu Resort & Spa works to provide them all.

We provide 583 spacious and luxurious rooms including Deluxe Grand Suite, Deluxe Honeymoon Suite, Lagoon Room, Sea Sight Room & Family Room. Five star luxury at your fingertips and outstanding facilities to cater for your every need, recreating the comforts of your own home.

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Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya